WavePoint HO-T5 Sun Wave Daylight 12,000K Lamps


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WavePoint Sun Wave High Output T5 12000k Daylight Fluorescent Lamps offer high lumen to watt ratio, optimum color rendition and low operating temperatures, with nanometer peaks in the red, blue, and yellow spectrums for unmatched daylight illumination.

  • High lument-per-watt ratio and low heat output
  • Optimum color rendition with peaks in red, blue and yellow spectrums
  • Emits warm, full color spectrum light to enhance colors

High output T5 Bulbs have twice the lumens of traditional T12 bulbs for brighter, crisper lighting. Sun Wave lamps are universal replacements for standard-size HO T5 aquarium lighting fixtures. They are suitable for saltwater, reef, planted, and freshwater aquariums. Replace T5 Bulbs every 18 months.