Pondmaster LED Lighted Spillway 12"




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Pondmaster LED LIGHTED SPILLWAY is a self-contained LED Spillway that is designed specifically for Waterfalls, Inground Pools, Retaining Walls, and many other applications where you desire the beauty of running waterfalls. It features a low-energy 6-Watt LED Light Bar that has a brilliant blue-colored water feature.

  • Designed for Self-Contained Waterfalls, Retaining Walls and Many other Applications
  • Brilliant Blue Colored Water Feature
  • Includes a 3/4" to 1-1/4" Stepped Barbed Fitting
  • 12" Wide Spillway with Reinforced Opening and 5" Lip Extension
  • 33' Power Cord

Recommended Pump Size: 1000 GPH. 1 Year Limited Warranty