Lees Ultimate Gravel Vac Clean-Drain & Fill Kit




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Lees Ultimate GravelVac 25' and 50' Kits come in a Poly Bag. These Ultimate Gravel Vac Kits help you to easily maintain a healthy and happy living environment within your tank.

  • Attaches directly to most faucets
  • 25' or 50' hose allows water to drain directly to sink
  • Easy refill
  • Comes with a faucet adapter if necessary
  • No heavy, messy, bulky buckets

Now you can easily do water changes which refresh your aquarium with needed nutrients and remove excess debris and fish waste. Water changes made easy with Lees Ultimate GravelVac kit also remove uneaten food and decomposed plant matter.

25% water changes should be performed monthly to maintain a healthy tank environment for your fish and other aquatic life.