Coastal Pet Titan Snap-On Pinch Training Collar 3.3mm


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Coastal Pet titan snap-on pinch training dog collar is an effective training tool to your furry friend when worn under supervision. With this amazing collar, you can control your dog and help it learn some basic commands. Its tightening action helps dogs know that they need to pay attention. The collar is argon welded and chrome plated for maximum durability and strength. So, you?re going to see it for a long time. Designed to provide style and comfort, the collar reduces excessive stress to the neck and throat area as it distributes evenly pressure around your dog?s neck. The length of 20 inches and 3.30-mm diameter links make it great for small to mid-sized dogs.

  • Easy to adjust, provides proper fit
  • Effective training device
  • Chrome Plated for durability
  • Provides evenly pressure around pet?s neck

So, if you?re looking for perfect training equipment for your pet, bring this home today.

20" Long